Our mission is to empower youth to pursue their potential academically, relationally, and spiritually. 


The Garage will be a source of life and hope, recognized for how we nurture students, deploy them for service, and contribute to vibrant, welcoming communities. Our students will credit The Garage for helping them find purpose, direction, and joy as full members of the communities in which they live.



Community Relationships: We connect students to each other and to the wider community, believing our world is healthiest when diverse people know, respect, and serve each other.

Community Leadership: We empower the skills, insights, and creativity of students themselves to serve The Garage family and the wider community.

Core Spirituality: We guide students to establish a set of core convictions from which they can build meaningful lives.

Academic Potential: We assist students in successfully graduating high school and preparing for higher education or gainful employment.

Irresistible Fun: We embrace the spirit of youth and channel it into life-giving activities that keep kids coming back for more.