The MAPS (Motivating, Achieving, Powerful Students) is a program of The Garage Youth Center which focuses on advising and counseling Garage students as they prepare for and transition to life after high school graduation. The goal of MAPS  assist students as they transition to adulthood and remain a resource for alumni who struggle to launch after high school. MAPS is run by The Garage’s Graduate Coordinator (GC), who works with high school students at both the Kennett Square and West Grove centers. MAPS hosts weekly presentations for all students related to career interests and opportunities, post-secondary education and training programs, and personal aptitude and passion identification. MAPS also hosts weekly gatherings of upperclassmen to focus on relevant transition topics and materials such as college applications and essays, scholarship information, FAFSA completion, resume writing, networking, etc. Additionally, MAPS hosts monthly college visits throughout the school year and summer, as well as a multi-college overnight opportunity during spring break. Our Graduate Coordinator also works closely, one-on-one with high school juniors and seniors to guide them as they prepare for adulthood. Further, our GC maintains communication and follows up with Garage alumni to act as a continued resource and bridge for our newer graduates who continue to face immense challenges.

For more information or to get connected, contact Mary Keino, Graduate Coordinator