Boys Programming

Boys Program supports the holistic development of middle and high school boys through creating a network of influential male role models. The program provides an engaging forum for our boys to discuss critical topics, build positive community, and form impacting relationships with male role models through monthly activities and workshops. Through bi-monthly discussion groups, workshops, and guest speakers, teenage boys explore topics critical to their life stage: healthy relationships, peer pressure, gender expectations and much more. Boys Program creates a platform to explore careers that require an education beyond high school, to develop skills such as public speaking and dressing for success, to engage with peers and authority figures in positive and empowering ways, and to explore topics such as STEM careers, leadership & service, motivation, stress management, self-esteem, and healthy relationships. The program empowers boys to become confident leaders among their peers, family and communities and challenges them to take responsibility for their future.

For more information, contact:

Aaron Smith, Kennett Square Boys Program Coordinator

John Guerrero, West Grove Boys Program Coordinator