Our mentoring program provides students with access to a caring adult who can coach, encourage and inspire them to pursue their unique talents and reach their goals.  Mentors help students with academic goal setting, to find internships and jobs and often, to change negative behavior patterns and make better choices. Volunteer adult mentors regularly each month with students to build trusting relationships, provide support and challenge them to a bigger vision of their lives. Our diverse group of volunteers come from a variety of age groups and professions, and represent companies like Vanguard, DuPont, Chatham Financial, local schools, and local law enforcement and all demonstrate the meaning of professional success for our students.

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My Mentor described me as a person I’ve never seen myself. That made me feel better and motivated me to do better. – Vicky


A Mentor Is

…a caring guide, a wise advisor, a partner on a journey, a trusted friend. A mentor can serve as a mirror for the youth.  They can show youth who they are and all they can become…what makes a mentor ‘a Mentor’ is not that they are perfect or always know exactly what to say, but rather that they are able to form a strong connection with their mentee.  This connection can serve as a catalyst for positive change and growth.”   

B.R.A.V.E. Program Peer Mentoring Handbook

Our Goal:

For each student at The Garage to have access to the support, resources and positive influence of a caring adult who individually works with them to encourage and support their academic, personal + career exploration goals


Mentoring’s Impact :

90%  Have higher expectations for themselves

90% Come to school prepared with work completed

90% Want to resist drugs and alcohol

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For more information about this program or how you can positively impact the life of a teen, contact:

Rachel Bennett

Kennett Square Volunteer Coordinator

Murphy Bolton

West Grove Volunteer Coordinator