The Garage Youth Center is an after school and Youth Development program serving Middle and High School Students in Kennett Square and West Grove. Our Mission is to empower youth to pursue their potential. 

The Garage Community and Youth Center was a vacant car garage until 2001,

when a local business leader and youth pastor envisioned its roof

sheltering something far more valuable than vehicles.

The renovated building now is home to services for middle and high school students.


After 10 successful years serving students in the Kennett community,

The Garage opened a second center in West Grove in 2011. 

Between the two centers, approximately 500 students pass through our doors annually;

72% are Latino, 19% are Mixed Race, 11% are African American, and 20% are Caucasian. 

More than 82% of our students are low-income, and 55% of them will be the first person in their families to complete high school. 


What do students say about The Garage? 

“The Garage has helped me manage my time, to be more confident in myself, to talk to people I can really trust, but most of all it helped me know what it feels like to be an actual teenager”

“{The Garage}  had helped me in so many ways. Such as building friendships, getting my school work done on time, staying away from what can get me in serious of trouble.”

“{The Garage}  has helped me with my school work but also with my social skills. The Garage has opened many doors and has made me feel like I matter.”

Kennett Square

Saturday, April 21 2018
  • 4/21

    Guy's Program- Good Neighbors Service ProjectKennett Square
  • 4/21

    Chester County Art Association Art ClassesKennett Square
Monday, April 23 2018
Tuesday, April 24 2018
Wednesday, April 25 2018
Thursday, April 26 2018
Friday, April 27 2018
  • 4/27

    The EDGE : Leadership Development and Service Learning ProgramKennett Square

West Grove

April 20, 2018
April 23, 2018
April 24, 2018
April 25, 2018
April 26, 2018

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“I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body." Each day throughout the summer, Garage students prepare healthy lunches and eat them together! Will you help to provide them lunch each day? #EmpowerToExplore

A10: Mentors can help connect youth to leadership and engagement opportunities in their communities. Search the Mentoring Connector to find mentoring opportunities in your area! #ToolkitTalk #MentorIRL

A2: Adults can become a #MentorIRL and listen to young people and support their truths. Participating in community life or activism can help youth feel more connected and confident in using their voices #ToolkitTalk

A1: Listening to youth can help caring adults understand and empathize with the situations youth are struggling with - building a relationship needs to come from both the adult and the young person! #ToolkitTalk #MentorIRL

TY Herr’s for sponsoring our #EmpowerToExplore campaign for #SummerPrograms You can #BeLikeHerrs, sponsor The Garage today!

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